The Birder

The Birder
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Directed by Theodore Bezaire
Written by
Theodore Bezaire & Mike Stasko
Produced by Gerry Lattmann & Jeff Nadalin
Executive Producers Michael Baker & Roy Collavino
Distributors Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Starring Tom Cavanagh, Mark Rendall, Jamie Spilchuk, Tommie Amber Pirie, Fred Willard, Graham Greene

Ron Spencer is a forty year-old high-school teacher and devoted birder who has reached an extreme low point. His students think of him as passé, his daughter Samantha, has adopted “new school” birding methods, and his ex-wife Rebecca has finally kicked him out of their home. Ron’s only glimmer of hope is that he expects to be named the Head of Ornithology at the local Birding Park.  When the young and flashy Floyd Hawkins is named, Ron sees his legacy slipping away and is outraged. Nowhere to go, Ron secretly takes up residence at his High School for the summer. Ron bumps into Ben, a pot smoking janitor and former student who quickly takes to Ron’s cause and insists they must smear Floyd’s perfect image to secure Ron’s legacy. The mismatched pair stealthily plot the dots of their revenge plan and after some misguided twists and turns Ron lands in his nest and realizes what his legacy is really all about.

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